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Since 1953, for over 50 years, we have developed and produced metal-surface pretreatment agents, and have made wide-ranged contribution to solving problems of metal-processing industry in Japan.
We have a wide range of product lines, such as pretreatment agents for coating (degreasing, surface-conditioning, phosphate conversion coating, anti-corrosive) and lubricating treatment agents for plastic forming (chemical conversion treatment, lubricant), and pretreatment agents for non-ferrous metal surfaces (aluminum, zinc, magnesium).
We support to solve customer’s problems by providing customized products which meet customer demand, design and construction of treatment equipment and improvement proposal, procurement and provision of chemical agents, and assisting field management to support them.
And also, nowadays, we promote the protection of the global environment by focusing on developing the environmentally-friendly agents.
Moreover, by founding a factory in China in 2012, we expand our presence in the world starting in Asia (south-eastern Asia and India).

Kiwa Chemical Co.,Ltd.
President Kenji Tanaka

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